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We Provide Guidance.

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Guidance – use our tree developed by top addiction psychiatrist from the state to ensure the correct options are selected for you or your loved one.

Read descriptions to match your situation with treatment – most will need multiple levels creating an optimal path.

Outpatient Detox (MAT)“I need help with withdrawals without 24/7 hospital care, I’m willing to stay sober, I’m safe at home. I can’t leave work/home/school.”

  • Office visit daily/weekly/monthly
  • Mainly for alcohol/heroin/opiates
  • Mild-moderate withdrawal
  • Safe and can live at home
  • May attend work, school, etc.
  • Combined with counseling
  • Treatment can last months-years
  • $80-$200/week (no insurance)

Inpatient Detox (Medical)“I need help with withdrawals in a secure hospital with 24/7 medical care.”

  • Expecting severe withdrawal
  • Closed facility (no phone/Wi-Fi)
  • 24/7 medical care by doctors
  • Typically takes 3-6 days
  • Will need follow-up care
  • $1,500/day (no insurance)

Outpatient Treatment (IOP/PHP) “I’m safe at home, willing to stay sober, need to work, but need help with drugs/alcohol beyond basic counseling.”

  • 3-6 hours daily of group work
  • Mostly group therapy/education
  • Need more than 1-on-1 sessions
  • Can stay sober at home
  • Able to maintain job/school
  • Drug testing; home must be safe
  • 3-5 days each week for 8-12 weeks
  • $1,000/week (no insurance)

Inpatient Treatment (Residential)“I can’t stay sober where I live, I may need detox plus help with drugs/alcohol in a safe environment longer term.”

  • Need 24/7 structure to stay sober
  • Cannot go to work, school, etc.
  • Live-in facility in/near treatment
  • Incudes detox on or off-site
  • Group and individual therapy
  • Daily activities (art, yoga, etc.)
  • Around the clock supportive care
  • Typically takes 30-90 days
  • $18,000/month (no insurance)

Sober Living Housing“I am willing to stay sober, but can’t stay at home, and need accountability/self-work before being on my own.”

  • Not ready to live on own
  • Unable to stay at home
  • Need sober setting after rehab
  • Need sober setting during IOP
  • Follow house rules and chores
  • Will be drug tested daily/weekly
  • 24/7 staffing and drug testing
  • Live with 2-10 roommates
  • Roughly $100-$200 weekly rent

Anonymous Meetings“How do I do this? I want to be around others who have successfully achieved long-term sobriety.”

  • Totally free!
  • All treatment leads to meetings
  • Meet fellow addicts with sobriety
  • Comradery and peer support
  • Get a sponsor and work 12-steps
  • Instills long-term sobriety
  • Helps sobriety in “real world”
  • Can avoid high treatment costs
  • Requires 100% willingness

Crisis Centers “I am in trouble, not stable, want to hurt myself/others, and I need help now but have no idea where to go.”

  • Person lacks resources
  • Person does not feel safe
  • Person does not know where to go
  • Need psychiatric/substance help
  • Person actively high/drunk
  • Person actively in psychosis
  • Help stabilize person in crisis
  • 24/48-hrs stabilization setting
  • Will transport to correct facility
  • Able to arrive on scene in a van
  • You can walk into their offices
  • Will work with AHHHCS patients
  • Free transition service
  • Not a treatment facility
  • Hold close relationships with AHHHCS facilities in Arizona