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Crisis Centers

Crisis centers are places available 24/7 and 365-days/year where someone who presently in danger of self-harm, traumatic experiences, recent loss, potential harm to others, suicidal thoughts increased, substance use, depression, anxiety – and is either unable or unsure of what to do (lacking resources/experience with getting help). Crisis centers are also designed to help guide you to the correct level of care if you are on AHHHCS – they have a good knowledge of local facilities who take AHHHCS. Crisis centers have crisis lines which will send out a van to your location. The crisis team will assess the situation, engage in supportive conversation, provide stress-management solutions, gather resources for ongoing care, and develop a personalized safety plan. Crisis centers will have enough resources to typically hold you for 24-48 hours helping you stabilize, verify your insurance, and locate the appropriate next level of care where you will be sent; psychiatric hospital, medical detox, inpatient facility, residential rehab, sober living, MAT, or outpatient.

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